It’s Early Learning Matters week

Everyone is invited to join the ECA Learning Hub for a free live webinar TODAY Monday 17 October at 5.00 pm to discuss the importance of Early Learning Matters Week and how to use this as a platform for advocating for the early years. Please follow and share – this link to register for the webinar.   SHARE, RECOGNISE and CREATE through social media or in your setting 

  • SHARE the Early Learning Matters Week digital assets across your social media channels or download a poster to display from the resources page. 
  • RECOGNISE the efforts of the early childhood educators and teachers in your life. Take photos with a short message of support to post on social. 
  • CREATE your own Early Learning Matters Week messages of support and share your photos, artwork, signs or posters in your service or across channels. 
  • Remember to tag ECA and use the hashtag #EarlyLearningMatters.  

How will your networks celebrate? Please encourage your peers, friends, family and wider community to let us know how they are celebrating Early Learning Mattes Week, and to send us photographs (with permission to share them). Simply email to share news and updates!  For more information and to get involved

#earlylearningmatters #ECA

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