Teacher Accreditation deadline approaches.

BOSTES reminder


From 18 July 2016 all early childhood teachers must be accredited to teach in an approved NSW early childhood education and care service.

Information on the accreditation process is available on our website http://www.nswteachers.nsw.edu.au/current-teachers/early-childhood-teachers/

Once you have created a teacher accreditation account BOSTES will review and process your documentation and email you confirmation of your eligibility for accreditation.

Your accreditation at Proficient Teacher will be confirmed by BOSTES after 18 July.

There is no accreditation fee for early childhood teachers in 2016. BOSTES will send an invoice for the 2017 fee to your postal address in late 2016.

The best source of information is the Accreditation for NSW Early Childhood Teachers button on the Teacher Accreditation website. There is also an updated Answering Your Questions page with responses to many of the questions early childhood teachers have been asking.

Judith  Page 6th Aug, 2015

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