Missed Judith Page’s Talk on Teacher Accreditation? Follow the link.

Judith Page from Bostes addressed ECA NSW members and friends at an Issues night in August.

Judith  Page 6th Aug, 2015

Her talk was informative and well presented. After the talk she answered many questions.

Find the link to her talk here: Teacher Accreditation talk – J Page

Some questions asked by participants were: 

  • What happens if you are accredited already through the present system for primary teachers?
  •  What happens if you are on a leave of absence?
  •  Who decides what are the appropriate qualifications?
  • Do you need to do additional training if you have not yet completed your degree but am working as a teacher?
  • What about leave of absence?
  • What happens if you are ceased?
  • I am a non-teaching director. Will I be deemed?
  • If you are a Diploma of Children’s Services being a teacher in the EC program , can I be deemed?
  • How do I meet the requirement for teacher accreditation if I am not teaching but still working in the field?
  • How long do you have to have been teaching to gain teacher accreditation?
  • In a EC management position, how much PD is appropriate?
  • What happens in regional areas where PD is not so readily available?
  • I qualified in 1990 but have been off work for three years having children. Can I be deemed?
  • What about EC teachers from TAFE or Uni , Can they gain teacher accreditation?
  • I have been away working at TAFE or UNI for over five years, could I be deemed?
  • Could this be done in 20 hours?
  • I am a multi-based teacher . What do I do?
  • Will the Dept. of Education teachers be deemed? Even if they have only received their degree?
  • What does the 10 month opportunity mean?
  • How do you know where to find registered PD?
  • BOSTES appointees. How will the work in regional areas?
  • Will there be a requirement to have teacher accreditation to teach?
  • What happens if I am returning to EC from a long period of time?
  • When will it start?
  • When should I contact BOSTES if I have received no information?
  • If you are currently working in EC will you get deemed?
  • I have trained in EC but also go to primary . What happens to my accreditation?
  • I am trained 0-8 years but work in a year 6 class. Will I be accredited?
  • How many hours of PD is necessary over five years and is it pro-rata?
  • Part-time and casual teachers, how much professional development (PD) do you need?
  • Who assesses qualifications ACECQA or BOSTES?
  • What about professional experience?
  • What about non practicing teachers,  supervisors or non-centre based teachers?
  • Is all staff development relevant?
  • Will ECA NSW training be linked to the standards?
  • How do you log you professional development (PD) hours?
  • Do staff meetings etc. count towards PD?
  • Can you be voluntary accredited? Which Teacher Accreditation Authority (TAA) do you use?
  • Does all PD have to cover the seven standards?

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