Professional Experience Council – Next Meeting Monday 16th March 10-12 KU meeting rooms.

Early Childhood Australia , NSW Branch overseas the Professional Experience Council (PEC).

Members of The Early Childhood Professional Experience Council (New South Wales) view professional experience as an integral component of coherent early childhood professional preparation programs. Members are representatives from universities, Department of Education and Communities (including TAFE New South Wales), employing bodies, RTO’s and relevant organisations who are involved in planning and supporting early childhood professional preparation undertaken by students. The PEC works in association with ECA New South Wales Branch for the benefit of all stakeholders in early childhood education.  The purpose of the PEC is to bring together members who contribute to discussion about early childhood professional experience from diverse perspectives, and who work in collaboration to generate shared understandings and take appropriate action for the benefit of all those involved in early childhood professional experience.

Members meet four times a year. If you would like to be a part of or have questions or opinions for the PEC please contact : 

Proposed dates for meeting for 2015 are:

Monday 16th March

Thursday 16th July

Thursday 1st October

Thursday 26th November.

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3 thoughts on “Professional Experience Council – Next Meeting Monday 16th March 10-12 KU meeting rooms.

  1. Professional Experience Council

    I have been a TAFE teacher for the past 17 years with a particular interest in work placement. I continually work towards providing our students with a work place experience that provides them with opportunities to acquire skills as well as authentically reflect their current abilities, strengths and knowledge. Where possible I try to facilitate an experience that is positive for the student as well as the families, children and stakeholders at the early childhood service that they are attending. It is essential in the current environment to prepare our students adequately for the workplace to try and stall the shocking attrition rate of new employees. The quality of our educators and the “best fit” for them and the profession depends on this essential aspect of training.

    Besides my undergraduate training and workplace experience (long day care, family day care and pre-school) I have a Master’s Degree in early childhood and adult education from Macquarie university (2007).

    If you require a full application, please let me know and I will forward.

    Thank you for this opportunity

  2. Please pass on my apologies, unfortunately I wont be able to attend the meeting.
    Katey De Gioia
    director Professional Experience, IEC, Macquarie University

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