National Conference Scholarship Opportunity

Early Childhood Australia NSW Branch is pleased to offer scholarships for four people who would otherwise not be able to attend the National conference in Melbourne  from the 4-7th September, 2014.


People can nominate a colleague or self nominate. It is important there is a seconder to follow up with any questions the committee may wish to ask. The scholarship will cover the costs of registration and financial support with accommodation and transport. The total scholarship will be no more than $1500. 

2014_Scholarship_Nomination_Form for Annual conference #1

NSW ECA would like to be able to support motivated educators who, due to financial or other reasons, would be unlikely to be able to attend the conference but would like to. Educators who have not been to the conference before will be preferred but not necessarily chosen over other candidates.  Only ECA members (individual or employed by a member organisation) will be considered.


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